Located in Murray County, gA

A family owned, full service, professional appliance repair and sales service center. Affordable used
 appliances with a 30 day warranty, Repair Services, Used Furniture, Tools, Appliance Parts and much more!



We are now seeking a New Location for Rogers Furniture & Appliance at this time. Due to growth of the business we are searching for a larger building. Our main office will still be located in the Eton, Chatsworth Area in Murray County.  Keep Checking In To Be Notified Of Our New Location. We will post the location as soon as we officially obtain the Building.



Appliance Repair

We offer In-Sore repair or Service calls to the location of the appliances by Experienced Technicians!

New and Used PArts!

For the ones who want to fix appliances themselves, We carry new and used parts in our store. Just call or come by with your model or part number and we will gladly assist you. 


Delivery And Installation!

No room in your car? No worries!

For a small delivery charge our technicians will gladly deliver and install your purchased used appliance in your home or any other location.