Washer and dryer sales

Are you tired of your Washer and Dryer? Do you just need a new scene in your laundry room? Is the cost of repair to much to bear? Leave the stress behind and stop by Rogers Furniture & Appliance for a affordable and reliable appliance!

Here at Rogers Furniture & Appliance we have a wide variety  of Washers and Dryers. All appliances we sell are covered by a 30 day guarantee. Washers start at $150+ and Dryers starts at $125+. Listed price does not include Georgia Sales Tax.We test all appliances inside and out to ensure you receive a reliable home appliance. We Also Offer Delivery and Installation for a small delivery fee.

As a USED appliance business our inventory changes daily.

Call or Come by today to insure we have to appliance you need in inventory.

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