Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Eurshel Rogers has been self employed since the 70's. from a Used car dealer, Roofing and siding construction and Pawn Shops, Eurshel Rogers has done it all but a incident on a construction job falling from a ladder caused him to step back and slow down. so around 2001 as the owner of a pawn shop, he started Rogers Funiture & Appliance in Dalton, GA withour knowing by fixing a few appliances he took in at his pawn shop. From that day without knowing his appliance business was formed. soon after those first few appliances were fixed and sold, customers came near and far for a simple appliance fix. His pawn shop transformed into a blooming Appliance Business!

As the Business grew, So did his need for Appliance Knowledge. He has Learned a lot over the years, and as with all businesses with technological servincing he will continue to advance his knowledge. Since the Beginning of his business with that simple fix from a pawn that expired, Rogers Furniture & Appliance has Grew and turned into a Professional, Certified and Full service, Appliance sales and Repair Business serving all of North, Georgia which is now based in Eton, GA.

Founder and Owner of Rogers Furniture & Appliance, Eurshel Rogers.

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Jeffery Wheat, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Rogers Furniture & Appliance.

Jeffery Wheat, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Started his endeavor in the appliance business September of 2014 by joining his grandfather Eurshel Rogers in Rogers Furniture & Appliance. Starting as a apprentice repair technician, Jeffery Wheat quickly acted by furthering his training and certifications, Broadcasting Appropriate advertisements, Promoting business by ensuring the best repair services to the customers and by research to help keep our repair service cheaper for our customers. As second-in-command Jeffery Wheat works with the entire team at Rogers Furniture & Appliance to make working a enjoyable experience.


Cody Rogers works at Rogers Furniture & Appliance as the Lead Appliance Technician, Professional Staff. Working on the front lines of appliance repair and servicing, Cody Rogers has the specific industry knowledge and experience that is sometimes difficult to find to help generate happy customers buy using some of the best repair techniques in the industry. Keeping the small town feel in a professional business helping to relate to our small towns in North Georgia.

Lead Appliance Technician Professional Staff at Rogers Furniture & Appliance, Cody Rogers.