Rogers Appliance Service is your local Appliance Parts Warehouse!

We Carry most parts from many brands that are used the most.

For the parts that are not as commonly used or discontinued, We have suppliers from all across the U.S.A. that helps us to obtain these not so easy to get parts.. Even Samsung parts!

Appliance Parts

For the ones who want to fix appliances themselves, We carry new and used parts in our store. Just call or come by with your model or part number and we will gladly assist you. 

Sometimes you just can't get certain parts, but before we tell you this bad news we will exhaust all of our resources in an attempt to find your part!

To find out if we have a part or can get it for you, Call, Stop by or fill out our contact form! We will do everything we can to help you get your appliance back in working order!


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